A Step-by-Step Guide on Using a Flea Bomb Plus Tips on How to Avoid Flea Re-infestation

Any pet owner would agree that fleas are pesky little parasites that need to be eliminated where they breed, and if flea populations explode inside the home, a flea bomb may need to be set off.

Step 1: Decide On The Type And Number Of Flea Bombs You Need

A flea bomb, also called a “fogger,” is a can of aerosol typically containing an insecticide that is released as a superfine mist once it is activated. A flea bomb can either kill adult fleas, prevent flea larvae and flea eggs from maturing, or do a combination of both. If you’re planning to use a flea bomb, check its label to determine its indication and active ingredients. A flea bomb that contains Permethrin and Pyrethrum kills adult fleas, while a flea bomb with IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators) Methroprene and Nylar disrupt the flea life cycle and prevent fleas from maturing to a reproductive stage. You may want to choose one that contains both the components for killing adult fleas and IGR, to avoid reinfestation.
The number of flea bombs you will need depends on the size of the area to be treated. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation as to the amount of square footage a flea bomb can cover.
Step 2: Prepare Your Home Before Activating The Flea Bomb
Aside from following the manufacturer’s guidelines, here are a few important things you should remember before setting off a flea bomb. Because the flea bomb may not be able to reach the carpet areas that are beneath furniture, move as much of your furniture as possible onto non-carpeted areas. Wash all hard floors as well as your pets’ beddings to remove a concentrated population of fleas.
Vacuum all carpets thoroughly to remove as much flea eggs and dormant flea larvae as possible. Also vacuum deep into the crevices of your furniture, taking off cushions and pillows and leaving them off to allow the flea bomb to reach deeper. Immediately wrap up the vacuum bag and dispose of it in a plastic garbage bag, as it contains the fleas you may have vacuumed.
Before activating a flea bomb, make sure you store all food, drink, cooking and eating utensils, food containers and even your pets’ food in closed cupboards, preferably taping them shut. Store away all toothbrushes and all other bathroom items safely, and pack away or cover all toys.
Also note that the flea bomb may contain highly flammable chemicals, so turn off all pilot lights. Turn off your air conditioning and remove all plants, pets, and pets’ cages, tanks, and beds from your home. Vacate everyone from the premises, close all external windows, and open all internal doors if your whole house is to be treated by the flea bomb.

Step 3: Activate The Flea Bomb

Stand the flea bomb canister on the center of the room. If the room is uncarpeted, place it on a few layers of newspaper on the floor. If the room is carpeted, place the flea bomb on a hard surface such as a low table, still protecting the surface with newspaper. Making sure that the flea bomb is pointing away from you, trigger the device and leave the house immediately. Depending on the manufacturer’s directions, you will have to stay out of the house for a specified amount of time, typically 3 – 4 hours.

Step 4: Clear Out Any Flea Bomb Residue

After the specified time has elapsed, air out the house by opening all the windows and turning on the fans. Leave for another hour, then return and dispose of the spent flea bombs. Wash hard floors, vacuum all carpets, and wearing rubber gloves, wash and wipe down all other exposed surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, tables and counter tops. Also launder any linen that may have been exposed to the flea bomb.

Step 5: Keep The Fleas Away

After flea bombing, it is important to prevent the reemergence of fleas and keep an eye out for any sign of reinfestation. Continue to vacuum your home regularly. Protect your pet from fleas using a product that serves as both flea prevention and flea treatment for dogs, such as Frontline Plus for dogs. With once-a-month topical applications, Frontline Plus for dogs offers long-lasting protection against both dog ticks and fleas, so you would never have to set off a flea bomb again.

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