A Three Step Plan To Get Rid Of Fleas

Are you a homeowner having problems with fleas in the house? No success in getting rid of these household fleas? Follow this easy 3 steps plan, which will show you what to do in getting rid of fleas in your house completely.
Having fleas in the house but have no idea how to get rid of them? Well, if it’s of any comfort to you, you are definitely not alone! Many homeowners are constantly in battle with these pesky little creatures. With just one flea, you should not be surprise that you may end up having millions of them. As such, it’s of utmost importance that you deal with the problem early instead of letting it get out of hand. To many, this is indeed a daunting task, which require both persistence and perseverance. Many have failed in their attempts while others simply do not know where and how to begin at all. In dealing with fleas, you need what I would call an integrated plan. Follow this easy 3 steps plan and I’m sure you would be able to get rid of fleas in your house in no time.
Firstly, treat your pets. Fleas live on pets like dogs and cats where they feed on blood from their host. So naturally, the first place to begin your battle against fleas would be to treat your dogs or cats. There are many flea treatment medications available commercially where you can buy either from your vet or pet shops or even online. Many come in conveniently pack size for easy application on pets. Choose one that is most suitable for your pet and repeat the treatment till they are flea free.

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Secondly, indoor flea control is necessary. This would include areas within your house like the living hall, the rooms and dinning hall etc. Fleas need not stay on your pet, its host, all the time. The adult fleas and its eggs do drop off into the surrounding environment where they get lodge in cracks and crevices on the floor and walls, carpets and furniture. Killing the fleas on your dog or cat will only serve to reduce the flea population but majority of them are still alive in the surrounding environment. You need to work on these as well. Frequent vacuuming is necessary. Carpets have to be washed and furniture may have to be treated with flea sprays. The use of flea bombs or fogger may be required if your house is heavily infested.
Thirdly, treat the outdoor environment. This is often an area ignored by many owners. Gardens, lawns have to be treated as well. However, as these are areas, which may be frequented by other living creatures like the birds and other small animals, it’s always good to use something that is natural and non-toxic. It also helps in knowing that you will not be contaminating the nearby lakes or river with toxic chemicals should they be washed off during a rainfall.
What may appears as a mission impossible initially is nothing more than just a consistent effort in following this simple 3 steps plan. Cover all areas as mentioned and you’ll agree that getting rid of fleas in your house is not that difficult after all.

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