Advantage Flea: Knowing Your Advantage

Advantage Flea has been prescribed by experienced veterinarians, endorsed by professional animal groomers, and used by pet enthusiasts since its launch in the early 90s. Advantage Flea has been quite popular among dog and cat owners alike not only for its effectiveness but also for its easy usage and affordable price. And although most animal health and grooming products come highly recommended like that of Advantage Flea, responsible pet owners should always take the time to really know what it is that they are buying.
Health and environmental concerns must be addressed clearly especially when handling chemically based household products, such as Advantage Flea. It is best to know the specifics of the proper administration, dosage, handling, and storage of the Advantage Flea medication for the safety and protection of house pets and the whole family as well.
Pet owners should be made aware of the possible environmental and health repercussions of the active chemical ingredient Imidacloprid, contained in Advantage Flea. The Advantage Flea topical medication when applied spreads over the surface of the body, and dissolves in the oils, which naturally coat the skin and hair of the animal. Since it is a neurotoxin, it is therefore important that the application be confined to the area of the animal’s body where it cannot be licked off or come in contact with the mucous membranes; paralysis and eventual death are anticipated outcomes, which hopefully stay limited to the fleas. The hands or any contaminated part of the body should be then washed thoroughly after each application.
Advantage Flea is formulated to kill fleas within 24 hours of contact with the animal’s skin or fur. And it is expected to prevent further flea infestation on dogs for up to four weeks, three to four weeks on cats and up to one week on pet rabbits. Always check the weight of your pet to determine the correct dosage and interval for use, this can be seen in the packet of Advantage Flea.
In terms of disposal, it does not state any specific instructions on its label. The manufacturer of Advantage Flea only asks the consumer to comply with local requirements regarding general waste disposal. Though found to have relatively low human toxicity, Advantage Flea is acutely toxic to adult fish and highly toxic to certain bird species. Hence, great care must be taken in disposing used pipettes of Advantage Flea medication for it has the potential to leach to ground water. Animal lovers should not only limit their concern to their pets but they must also be mindful of the environment and its living inhabitants.
Significant test results of the active ingredient in Advantage Flea show that the extensive use of Imidacloprid is associated with the deaths of beneficial insects and small animals that are vital to the balance of our ecosystem. The colony collapse disorder among the bee species is a cause of serious global concern among beekeepers. It must be understood among heavy users of the Advantage Flea product that the absence of proof does not signify an absence of harm. Further studies must be conducted by the makers of Advantage Flea to determine the detrimental effects to the environment of the active and inert chemicals present in Advantage Flea.

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