Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment: The Pros And The Cons

Fleas can be a real pain. Just ask your cat or your dog, and they will probably give you a series of fierce scratching for all your inquiries. The onset of fleas on your pets can also lead to a number of medical complications like flea allergy, infection and even an infestation of tapeworms from exposed flesh wounds. As of right now, there are several flea treatment options out there, and one of the most prominent names is Bayer’s Advantage Flea Treatment. The Advantage Flea Treatment is a topical solution which can be applied directly on the fur of your cat or dog. This article will look into the pros and cons of this product.
Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Pro: Kills fleas in the shortest duration possible. According to studies, the Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment makes the fleas stop biting in less than 5 minutes after application. It is also said that most of the adult parasites die off within a 12 hour span. The flea larvae die off too within 20 minutes and the eggs are stunted from growing further.
Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Pro: This product works for as long as a month without the need for further application. The Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment still works even if the pet has taken a bath within the same time period.
Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Pro: The product is waterproof. This means that the Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment can be applied to pets that are not recommended to be given baths – which is great for cats and other water-shy canine pets.
Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Cons: The price. The price of a Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment product ranges anywhere from $55 to $75 per box; and that still depends on the size of your pet. The least expensive package is suitable for small and tiny pets and can provide about 6 month’s worth of protection. On the other hand, the most expensive package is suitable for only one treatment on larger pets, particularly the giant dog breeds that weight over 55 lbs.
Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Cons: The product is a very strong chemical cocktail. It is advisable that: children do not handle the Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment on their own; that the person washes his hands after each application; and that gloves be worn for people who may have sensitive skin or those who have open wounds on their hands.
It is also recommended that the dog or cat is discouraged from grooming after treatment. Otherwise, ingesting the product can lead to a mild case of poisoning. Unfortunately, the only way to dissuade pets from grooming is by attaching a soft recovery collar on their necks for as long as possible.

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