Can Human Get Fleas?

Are you bothered by the question, can human get fleas? Read and find out. Fleas have been known by people for almost 55 million years already and described as a pest or insect which is tiny and does have brittles. These biting insect feeds on animal and human blood. Scientists have believed that fleas are already present centuries ago for an ancient amber has been discovered to have fleas inside. The oldest species of fleas known are the snow fleas.
Fleas are seen most commonly on animals like dogs and cats. But there is only one kind of flea species that lives on humans which is Pulex irritans and this answers to our question if can human get fleas but it can live on dogs and cats too. This type of fleas are just the same with the other but the only difference is Pulex irritans has only fewer mouth bristles. This fleas are mostly found on human hair.
The itchy feeling they bring does really make a person go crazy scratching his or her hair. These fleas can easily multiply and transfer from one host to another for these fleas can fly and quickly multiply. If you are having this fleas, you might feel this indications like itching, dark red spots on the affected area. Pulex irritans are not only found on hair but it can live anywhere.
Skin rashes, itchiness and blisters can be the signs of having these fleas on some areas on your body like armpits, waist, elbow joint, ankles, knee joint and some other parts. For adults, flea bites does show up for just an hour. But with children who have been bitten by these fleas will take a few days to show up. The hives where this fleas live might develop into blisters and when scratched, it will start to bleed and second degree skin infection might follow due to scratching.
For human flea treatment, the first thing that should be done is to relieve the itchiness and treat the dark red spots. You can wash the flea bites using an antiseptic soap and cold water to remove the infection and itchiness. Do not use warm water when washing the flea bites for it may result to more itching. Put an ice pack on the bites using ice that has been wrapped in a piece of cloth to lessen the swelling.
Controlling to scratch the hives will help the bumps from turning into worst skin infections. Hydrocortisone creams and calamine lotion can be used to relief itchiness. For hair that has been infested by fleas, white vinegar is best to use. Get a cup of your shampoo and mix it with one tablespoon of white vinegar and massage it to your hair thoroughly.
Keep massaging for about 10 minutes then wash your hair well with water. If itchiness was not removed after the procedure, better consult a doctor especially when there are too much liquid discharge from the bites. The doctor might prescribe some medicines that will help it to cure immediately. Sometimes, tape worms are the reason why there are sudden discharges of liquid in the bites so it is still best to see a doctor. Finding out if can human get fleas are best for those who have been experiencing itching in some areas.

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