Can Humans Get Fleas From Dogs?

Can humans get fleas from dogs? If your dog has got some fleas in it, you might want to ask yourself if you are in the risk of getting these fleas from your dog. There are thousands of species of flea. Only one among these thousands of species can sustain to live on humans. Others do not live on humans as they cannot survive on feeding human blood. But it does not mean no one is at risk. Humans can be a means of transmission for fleas.
Even though those fleas which cannot survive on humans and we think we are safe, our dog pets are not. We might be carrying these fleas which can harm our dogs. So the question, can humans get fleas from dogs? Yes but they are not as risky as those types which can sustain living on humans unless the type of fleas on your dogs are those which can survive feeding on human blood.
Fleas can reproduce at an alarming rate so you cannot just tolerate their presence. They may carry diseases and can cause serious health problem to your pets or to yourselves. Do not forget that they can carry serious diseases that even history has already proven. They can carry bacteria from their host. Ctenocephalides canis is the species of fleas that live on dogs while Ctenocephalides felis live on cats.
Here is a list of some common flea species:

  • human flea (pulex irritans);
  • cat flea (ctenocephalides felis);
  • dog flea (ctenocephalides canis);
  • moorhen flea (dasypsyllus gallinulae);
  • northern rat flea (nosopsyllus fasciatus);
  • oriental rat flea (xenopsylla cheopis).

Pulex irritans is the only species among the thousands that can live on humans. They feed on human blood while others live on animal bloods like dog or cat. When this type of fleas gets into humans, they usually bite on the head and rarely on the arms and legs.
The danger is that when your dog is infested with Pulex irritans, then you too are at risk. This type of fleas can be transmitted from your dog.
Fleas which live on dogs can be eliminated. They make your dog uncomfortable because of the itchiness these fleas can cause to the dog. If there is already a major infestation of fleas on your dog or its puppies, they are susceptible to anemia and even much serious health complications.
Consult your veterinarian and seek for a recommendation as to anti-flea products. You can choose to use anti-flea shampoos that will help relieve your dog or cat from the irritating itchiness that is caused by fleas. You can also seek for another type of medication.
It might also help if you clean your place. By keeping a clean and orderly environment you can help get rid of possible flea infestation. You can also use insecticides at a minimal level, so as not to harm your health, to drive away fleas. Try to trace the possible host since it is in the host that adult fleas reproduce and young fleas try to survive their way to adulthood. Good hygiene is also a good way to eliminate fleas.
So if you ask yourself, can humans get fleas from dogs, yes they can. Fleas aren’t just some other bugs you can get rid of immediately.

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