Do Flea Traps Work?

Flea traps are often used as a method to combat flea infestations in homes. Do they really work though? This article will cover everything you need to know about flea traps, how they work, and if they are effective.

How Flea Traps Work

Flea traps are a easy, non-toxic, inexpensive way to treat a flea problem. They will target the adult fleas that are in your home. Flea traps all basically work the same. They have a sticky mat on the ground, and a light on above it. This is a fairly simple design, but it is effective. Here is how it works:

  1. The mature fleas (and other insects) in your home will be naturally attracted to the light.
  2. The light will also warm up the trap, simulating a warm blooded animal
  3. Fleas will detect this heat through infrared sensors
  4. When the fleas jump onto the sticky pad looking for a blood meal, they will be trapped.

Where to Place Flea Traps

Wherever you notice the highest concentration of adult fleas, that is where you should place the. If you are not sure where the best place is, then here some good guidelines:

  1. Places where pets like to hang out, for example bedding and kennels.
  2. Corners of carpets. Fleas commonly lay eggs in carpets, so they will be around.
  3. In bedrooms near your bed. Fleas will be attracted to this area when you sleep.
  4. Rooms where people are present. Living rooms are common, and offices if you work at home.

Do Flea Traps Actually Work?

Flea traps will work well to eliminate the adult fleas in your home, but traps by themselves will not stop an infestation. This is because only around 5% of the fleas in your home are adults. The rest are the offspring that are living in your carpet, 10% in cocoons, 35% as larvae, and 50% as eggs. If you want to really stop an infestation you will need to kill the eggs, larvae, and cocoons. However, using flea traps will work well to get rid of the adults, and this is important to stop them from laying new eggs.
Killing the eggs, larvae, and cocoons found in carpets is easier than you might think. You can read our full article about it here. Vacuuming regularly will in itself be enough to remove the flea offspring from your carpet. It may seem too easy, but this is all you really need to do. Make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner though, and be thorough enough to cover all the carpeting each time you vacuum. There are also flea powder and sprays that you can apply to your carpet. Use these if vacuuming does not do the trick.
Finally, there might be some fleas on your pets. Get a flea comb or use a insecticidal shampoo to remove them.

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