Fleas in Carpet

The most common breeding grounds for fleas inside of homes is in carpeting. This provides them with a perfect haven to thrive in. It has the ideal environments and conditions for eggs, larvae, and cocoons to grow into adult fleas. There is plenty of food around, and the flea offspring are somewhat camouflaged and hard to detect.

Why Fleas Like Carpets

After the female flea gets a blood meal, she will then seek out a place to lay her eggs. In homes, carpeting and rugs make great spots for this. Carpet is usually undisturbed, and it provides a good shelter for flea eggs, larvae, and cocoons. Unless you look closely you will probably not even see these things in your carpet.
There is also plenty of food in carpets for flea larvae when they hatch. The larvae will typically feed on the organic matter, debris, and food crumbs that gets trapped in carpeting. The female flea will also provide an additional source of food for her babies. She will deposit some blood droppings around the eggs to give them food immediately when they hatch. The larvae will continue to live in the carpet until they pupate into adults, and then seek out blood meals.

Vacuuming Fleas Out of Carpet

The best way to remove and prevent fleas in your carpet is to vacuum regularly. The invention of the vacuum has really hurt the human flea, and made it hard for them to survive in homes. This may seem a really simple flea control method, but it is very effective.
The vacuum cleaner will suck up any flea eggs, larvae, or pupae found in the carpet. This will completely disrupt the flea’s reproduction cycle. Eventually the adults will die off, and then there will be no new generation to lay eggs and continue the infestation.
Another benefit of vacuuming is it will also clean up any debris and food crumbs that may fall on the floor. This will remove a major source of food for the flea larvae.
Furthermore, fleas do not like to lay eggs in areas which are disrupted regularly. If you vacuum frequently and still have a flea problem, you may need to get a better vacuum.

Flea Powder for Carpets

Another method to kill the fleas that are living in your carpet is to use a flea killing powder. Fleabusters Rx works well, and is a very popular carpet treatment for fleas. The powder is statically charged, so it will attach itself to fleas or anything else in carpet.
The active ingredient is boric acid. Boric acid is used in a variety of insecticides, commonly ant and roach killers. It is much safer for humans and pets than other insecticides. The boric acid works by poisoning the insect’s stomach and affecting metabolism, and also can dehydrate the insect when it comes in contact with their exoskeleton.
It is easy to use, you just need to give your carpet a light dusting. Then you can vacuum it up once it has done its job.

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