Fleas in House – Here’s How To Control Them

Fleas in the house can be disturbing, both for your ego and for your comfort. However, if you have a dog or cat that has access to the outdoors or contact with neighbors’ pets you’ll get them if you don’t use a preventive measure on your pet. Dog fleas, or any other type, will also hitch a ride into your home while you are taking a stroll through the park or just longing around in your own back yard. They can hop on to your clothes and work their way into your home where they’ll multiply by the hundreds. It won’t even take a week’s time for you to notice that you are under attack and the fleas are winning the battle you didn’t know you were fighting.fleas in the house image
So how do you know if you have fleas in house? The best place to start would be to check out your pet. As you part your pet’s hair, keep an eye out for fleas. They will run in the opposite direction and try to hide from you. You may need to use a flea comb if you are having a difficult time finding them. They are really simple to use, but you also have to be ready to get rid of any live fleas that might become trapped in the comb’s teeth. Here is a good method to use this type of comb:

  1. Begin with your pet’s head, starting at the ears. Other areas you should check are around the tail and under the legs.
  2. Take the comb and run it backwards through the fur.
  3. Keep a bowl filled with water and liquid dish soap. You should dip the comb in the bowl before the fleas try and jump off of it. The trapped fleas will perish in the mixture in the bowl.
  4. Repeat the process until your pet can no longer tolerate a wet comb being dragged through its fur.

If you are not being bit by fleas in the house, yet suspect they may have taken up quarters with you, put on a pair of white socks that you can pull up to your knees. The fleas will be attracted to the white coloring on your clothing, and you can see them very easily on the socks with the white background.
Using the flea comb as noted above will only get rid of them temporarily. They’ll be your unwelcome guests until you kill the fleas on your pet and in the infested areas. There are some excellent products available that will not only eliminate your flea problem, but they will keep them from coming back too. Once you get your flea problem under control you should still continue with treatments to play it safe.
Try these tips for controlling fleas in house.

  1. Use foggers, and make sure you use one in every room. Follow the package instructions precisely.
  2. Use a home pest control product. Follow the initial application with two more in two week intervals. The insecticide won’t do a thing to the eggs, so you have to let them hatch.
  3. Get a professional exterminator
  4. Sprinkle boric acid through out your house, on the floors and furniture. Vacuum it up and dump the bag immediately.
  5. Treat your pets with flea preventatives – either the topical or oral medication. A flea biting a treated pet will die or get its reproductive system screwed up so that the eggs will be non-productive.

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