Fleas In Your Pets Fur

Having fleas is not an enjoyable experience at all. Just ask your pets. Hours upon hours of scratching at the blood sucking parasite on your skin is distractingly painful, and all you (or at least, your pet would) want to do is to get rid of the pests once and for all. Assuredly so, removing your pets flea problem is also not a pleasant thing to do, but it can be done. Natural ways of solving your pets flea problem means you do not have to resort to using harsh chemicals and expensive flea treatment soaps that may rid of the fleas in a hurry but may also endanger the health of your animal companions. If you want to solve your pets flea problem through organic means, try cleaning your surroundings first.

Contain Your Pets Flea Problem

Your pets flea problem does not begin or end with your pets. Due to your animal companions’ mobility and their tendency to scratch at their fur, the larvae and eggs are probably scattered everywhere. In order to ensure that your pets flea problem is contained, make sure that you limit your pets movement to a certain areas of your home only, preferably in your yard for the time being.
For example: to contain your pets flea problem outside your home, make sure that you keep your pets out prior, during and after you have cleaned the bedrooms in your home. And then keep your pets out of the kitchen, lounge, den, etc. Although this may somewhat hamper their mobility and freedom to move about inside the house, this solution is great to ensure that your pets flea problem does not return any time soon.
After you have limited your pets roving range, and thereby containing your pets flea range, start treating the specific areas in your house. One of the best natural solutions to treating your pets flea problem is using a simple solution made of liquid detergent soap and water on your walls and exposed floors. Use the anti-bacterial kind of detergent if you have it. This solution helps kill off larvae and eggs that may have stuck to the walls or fallen deep into the cracks of the floors.
If your have a carpeted home, make sure that you vacuum the areas thoroughly and regularly. Steam cleaning the carpet is also a great way of treating your pets flea problem. Another simple solution to treating your pets’ flea problem is to throw every fabric in the aforementioned rooms into the wash. Soap and water drowns and kills off any pests.
Again, make sure that you contain your pets flea problem. Remove your shoes or change your clothing before you enter the treated rooms.
After that, you can give your dog a long, overdue flea-scrubbing bath.

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