Frontline Pet Care Products: The Pros And The Cons

The entire range of Frontline Pet care products have been known for its very effective flea and tick control items. There are specially made products for preventing and controlling parasite infestations on feline and canine companions. As such, the range of the Frontline Pet care products is said to be the most popular brand when it comes to flea and tick control items. But is it really all that it is cut out to be? Here is a list of the pros and cons when it comes to using Frontline Pet care products.
Frontline Pet care pros: The products are generally very easy to use. There are topical solutions which can be applied directly on the fur of your pets. And there are also Frontline Pet care products which are packaged in spray bottles and pipettes for spot on treatments.
Frontline Pet care pros: The effectivity of the entire range of Frontline Pet care products is never in question. Most of the fleas and ticks usually die off within a time span of 24 hours to 48 hours. Treatments on cats usually last a whole month (30 days) while your canine companions usually benefit from 2 parasite-free months after only one application. For owners of large to giant breeds of dogs, it is important to make sure that you acquire the treatment option suitable for your pets’ size.
Frontline Pet care pros: The prices of most Frontline Pet care products are relatively less expensive than its other branded counterparts.
Frontline Pet care cons: Despite the new products that can be bought over the counter or without the need for any prescription from the vet, Frontline Pet care products are still very powerful medications that need to be carefully used. It is not recommended for pets that may already be suffering from flea allergy or skin infection or any other medical complication that exposes raw or bleeding skin brought about by parasite infestation.
Frontline Pet care cons: There are a few side effects to using any Frontline Pet care products. The most common side effect is fur shedding which is particularly seen on cats. Patches of fur may sometimes fall off within the 48 hour treatment period, and may continue for days or weeks at a time. Some pet dogs may also shed their overcoat during treatment. If such is the case, veterinarians recommend that further treatment of any Frontline Pet care products be discontinued in the future.

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