How to Kill Flea Eggs & Larvae

In order to prevent and stop a flea infestation, it is important to know how to get rid of the eggs and larvae. Fleas can bring about a number of problems in your home, and can be very difficult to effectively treat. By following this guide, you will stop the problem at its source, and protect your home from any potential outbreak.

Why Kill Flea Eggs and Larvae?

It is important to kill flea eggs and larvae before they grow into adults. When fleas pupate into adults, they will start laying more eggs, and are prone to spread at an alarming rate. Killing the eggs and larvae will stop the problem at the source.
Once the fleas have infested a home, they will start biting family members and pets. Flea bites can cause many complications. Flea bites are itchy and irritating, but can also result in allergies an infections in both pets and people. There are a variety of flea transmitted diseases diseases as well. Killing flea eggs and larvae will prevent fleas from ever reaching the life stage where they bite.

Where Flea Eggs and Larvae and Found in Homes

kill flea eggsFlea eggs and larvae are found in many places around the home. Cat and dog fleas will often lay their eggs directly in the fur of your dog or cat. If your pet is very hairy, it is very possible that the eggs are resting in the coat. Dog and cats flea eggs and larvae are also very common in pet bedding and kennels.
Humans fleas are more prone to laying eggs in carpeting, furniture, and bedding. Carpets and rugs are probably the most common spots to find human flea eggs and larvae.
In the backyard, the larvae can be found in places where your pet likes to rest. Other common places are under boards, behind flower pots, and in dark areas. They like dark, moist, and shaded areas.

How to Kill Flea Eggs and Larvae

Vacuum – The best way to kill flea eggs and larvae is to simply keep a clean and tidy home. It is important to frequently vacuum carpeted areas and rugs in your house. This will suck up all the eggs, larvae, and cocoons in the area. Plus, fleas do not like to lay eggs in areas that are constantly disrupted.
Laundry – Start washing your clothes and bedding more frequently, because sometimes fleas will lay eggs on these items. A washing machine will kill the flea offspring. It can also help to wash furniture and pet bedding with soap and water.
Insecticide Spray – If flea eggs and larvae have found their way into your home, you can kill them by using various insecticidal aerosols. These products will kill all stages of the fleas life cycle. The best flea spray is probably Ultracide.
Insecticide Powder – Although spraying the larvae will kill it instantly, you may not want to introduce toxic chemicals into your home. Flea powders will also work to kill the flea found in your carpets. The powdered insecticides usually contain boric acid, which is safe for you and your pets, but is deadly to insects. Fleabusters Rx is a popular choice.
Diatomaceous Earth – Diatomaceous earth is a great, natural alternative to using insecticidal powder. It is simply powdered sedimentary rock, that lacerates the flea’s exoskeleton. The result is death from dehydration. Read more about using diatomaceous earth.
Salt – Another natural method to kill flea eggs and larvae is to dust carpets with salt. This will quickly dehydrate the eggs and larvae that it contacts. Think of what happens when you pour salt on a slug.
Flea Combs & Shampoo – If you want to remove flea eggs and larvae on your pets, it is best to use flea shampoo or a flea comb. Flea combs are a good method if you do not want to use harsh chemicals on your pets.

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