Natural Flea Control

Getting rid of fleas as fast as possible is desirable, but fumigating with harsh chemicals might not be the best option. First, look into some natural flea control solutions.

Negative Effects of Chemicals

By fumigating you will be filling your home with poison and the residue can linger. While this is thought to be safe, we do not know the long lasting effects of these insecticides. We could be affecting the health of our family and our pets. Furthermore, over time these insects may start to become resistant to pesticides if we over use them. That is why it may be better to opt for a more earth friendly solution to controlling your flea problem.
Some of the most common insecticides, especially those used for treating fleas, contain organophosphate as its main active ingredient. This compound is highly toxic to all kinds of wild life, including humans. In fact, it is even used in the manufacturing of nerve gas. Even in extremely low levels of exposure, it is believed that it can cause developmental problems in the fetuses and children.
Organophosphate works to kill fleas by attacking their nervous system. The damage done to the nerves cannot be undone, and it will affect any animal it comes in contact with. This includes fleas, humans, and pets. The only upside to using this insecticide is it degrades rapidly.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you are looking for a completely safe way to kill insects, this is it! Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans and pets but will kill insects. When the powdered diatomaceous earth contacts an insect’s exoskeleton, it will start to kill them. It works by absorbing the lipids that are found on the exoskeleton of insects. The result is that the insect will quickly dehydrate and die.
The best way to use it to get a powder duster and dust around your home in prime flea locations. This includes bedding, carpet, and pet areas.


Pyrethrin is another natural insecticide. It is a safer option when compared to organophosphate, but is more toxic than diatomaceous earth. It affects the nerve cells of the insect, and the flow of sodium out of them. The result is that the nerves go through repeated and excessive firings. The end result is death. If low amounts of this neurotoxin are used, it can help to repel insets instead of killing them. This compound is completely organic and comes from the cases of seeds from phyethrum, a perennial plant.
Pyrethrin is used to make a variety of insecticides. Some of these includes sprays, foggers, liquids, and powders.


Salt is a great all natural way to treat your carpets for fleas. When the salt contacts the flea eggs, larvae, and cocoons, it will quickly dehydrate them. Think of a slug when you pour salt on it. This is a completely non-toxic and safe way to kill fleas, which is great for you and your pets. This normally will not kill the adult fleas, so also setting traps can help.
Give your carpet a light dusting. If flea offspring are in the area, they you should quickly dry out. After waiting a while, you can then vacuum it up.

Essential Oils

Essential oils work well as a repellent for insects, including fleas. These oils are produced by various different plants. The plants used this oil as a natural protection against insects that might eat them. This is why the oil works well to repel insects, it is what mother nature intended it to do. Common essential oils for insect control are citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender.
While these oils do not kill fleas you can use them to protect you and your pets from flea bites. You can put some of these essential oils on clothing or dog on collars.

Flea Traps

Utilizing flea traps is an effective way to capture and kill adult fleas in your house. These traps work by attracting fleas in with light and warmth from a light bulb. Then underneath the light is a replaceable sticky pad. The fleas jump on thinking they are getting a warm blood meal, and then are trapped. Keep in mind this will only kill adults. Larvae, eggs, and cocoons still need to be dealt with.
Place the traps in places where you see a lot of fleas. Common spots are in carpet corners, near bedding, and pet areas.

Flea Combs

If you are looking for an all natural solution to remove fleas from your pets, flea combs are the way to go. These combs have very fine teeth that are closely spaced. The teeth of the comb will pull out any fleas that may be present on your pet. Make sure you are thorough when combing your pet, and check the tail as well as behind the ears.
To make the comb glide more smoothly through your pet’s fur, you can add some soapy water to the comb or your pet. Make sure you have a bucket for the fleas that you remove.

Vacuuming and Laundry

Keeping a clean house is an easy, effective, non-toxic way to deal with a flea infestation. In fact, it is probably the most important thing you can do. Most fleas lay eggs in the carpet. By vacuuming frequently you will remove eggs, larvae, and cocoons from the carpeting. Washing clothes and bedding often will also help to control the potential flea offspring.
The reason this works so well is because it puts a kink in the reproduction cycle. There will be no new adults to continue the infestation.

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