Stop Fleas from Biting

Once fleas get into your house they can cause a real problem, because they will start to bite you and your pets. The bite marks can be extremely itchy, similar to a mosquito bite. A lot of times the bite marks are hard to see, unless you are allergic. If you have an allergic reaction, larger red hives can develop. This article go over information about flea bites and how to stop fleas from biting.

Why Fleas Bite

The reason why fleas bite is because they need blood for reproduction. Without the iron and proteins found in blood, fleas could not create eggs. The female fleas will also drink extra blood and leave behind droppings when she lays eggs. These blood droppings are a food supply for the larvae.

About the Bites

When fleas bite they will inject a small amount of saliva into their host, just like mosquitoes. This will prevent blood from clotting in the area. This saliva is also what causes the itchiness. Your body while detect it and send out histamines. Histamines make the area swell to try to contain the intrusion. The swelled blood vessels is what causes the itchy sensation. If you are allergic to the the flea saliva, your body will overreact with more histamines than necessary.
Aside from the itchy sensation, fleas can also transmit some harmful diseases to you and your pets.

Stopping Fleas from Biting

Essential Oils ā€“ Essential oils have long been used as a natural insect repellent. Plants produce these oils as a natural defense to keep bugs away. We can then take these concentrated oils and use them the same way. Eucalyptus oil is popular for repelling fleas.
Take an essential oil, and apply some to your clothing after washing. You can combine a little oil with rubbing alcohol and make a spray. The alcohol will quickly evaporate, leaving behind the oil residue. This will help to keep fleas off of you. It can also a good idea to spray your bedding with this alcohol and oil mix. This will protect you from fleas biting while you are sleeping. Finally, if your dog wears a fabric collar, give that a good spray also. The essential oil on the collar will help to keep fleas from biting your dog.
Skin-So-Soft ā€“ Skin-So-Soft bath oil by Avon has been used effectively to stop fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks from biting. You can either add some of the oil into your bath, or it also comes in spray form. Not only will it prevent fleas from biting, it will also give you smooth skin.
Permethrin ā€“ Permethrin is a insecticide and insect repellent that is derived from something called pyrethrin, which is found in flowers. If it contacts mosquitoes, mites, fleas, ticks, and other insects it will kill them. You can also spray it on shoes and clothing to prevent these pests from biting. Check out this permethrin clothing spray. Do not use this on pets, it is toxic to cats and dogs.

Treating Flea Bites

If you have already been bitten by fleas, you are probably dealing with the itchy marks right now. There are a number of things you can do stop the itching.

  • take some oral antihistamines such as claritin;
  • wash with antiseptics to prevent infection that can result from scathing;
  • apply a hydrocortisone cream on the bite marks;
  • apply ice to temporarily reduce swelling and itching;
  • try not to scratch, it can make the inflammation worse.

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