About Power of History

Welcome to the Power of History. This is a collection of writings, photos, and videos as well as social networking that revolve around the history of Delaware County and surrounding towns in the western Catskills – from the natural resources and the industries they created, to the towns that line the river valleys and mountainsides. The history of this area is not only something that reflects the past, but can become the beacon that illuminates the opportunities of the future. We hope to entertain and educate you with the history of our rural, mountain communities that grew up in the shadow of the Catskill Mountains, under the influence of the great markets of New York City and the northeastern US.

The histories of our past show us intertwined with the natural resources found here – timber, tanning, bluestone, agriculture, dairy, hunting, fishing, and tourism – all required by growing urban populations. As transportation changed from train to highway this relationship dwindled. But in light of a future where procuring resources as locally as possible is becoming more than a trend – we hope to reignite the passion of people looking to explore this region’s abundance and once again bring agricultural, artisanal products, homesteading, hospitality and recreation back to the forefront. We hope the power of our history helps create new writings for the history of our future. Pretty powerful stuff.